I looked to find a contractor to fix an issue with my tiled shower. After checking with several companies, I felt most at ease with Willy at Specialized Floor Care Services due to his professionalism, his expert knowledge of probable causes, his specialty of working with tiled shower repairs, and all the positive BBB reviews.

This past Monday, Willy came and performed the work. Willy did an outstanding job identifying the shower drain weep hole being clogged, fixing the shower drain and replacing the caulk with epoxy grout. In fact, of all the companies I checked with, Willy was the only one who had thought of the weep hole clog issue, which turns out to be completely true when the work was performed and the issue was clearly visible. As it turned out, the builder had done a horrible job where the weep holes in the tiled shower drain were completely covered by concrete.

Willy masterfully removed the top tiles surrounding the drain and worked diligently removing enough of the concrete to expose the shower drain and weep holes. It was very impressive to see how well the shower drain and weep holes were finally exposed despite the concrete being extra hard with the builder had used the wrong concrete mix proportion when making the mud bed. Once the drain and weep holes were exposed, pebbles were filled in. The tiles and drain were then put back into place. It was truly high-quality workmanship. One can see Willy was working to do things right with no shortcuts. I truly appreciated his efforts.

On the grout work, Willy removed the old moldy caulk from both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Those were replaced with epoxy grout. All the epoxy grout lines look neat, straight and well done. This includes both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The other contractors I spoke with said they don’t do epoxy grout on vertical surfaces because they claimed it was not possible since epoxy grout is runny and thus it can’t be done on vertical surfaces. It was never an issue with Willy and the epoxy grout line came out terrific. Willy stayed upstairs in the master bathroom the whole time watching the epoxy grout lines until the epoxy grout has sufficiently dried. His attentiveness and watching it until the job is truly done absolutely ensured how well the epoxy grout came out, even on vertical surfaces.

I would not hesitate to use Specialized Floor Care Services again. Willy is a true professional, polite and honest. One surely feels at ease with Willy on the job. Many thanks to Willy for his help with our tiled shower repair project.

Mr. YipGrafton, MA