This project involved cleaning the tile and grout and regrouting the shower with new grout

This shower in Westwood Massachusetts needed deep tile cleaning and regrouting the shower.

Some of the challenges were a heavy build-up of soap scum, mildew growth in the grout lines.

The second challenge was to remove all the loose grout between the lines.

We proceded with cleaning the entire shower, scrapping off the soap scum build-up.  We used a trade specific tile and grout cleaning solution combined with scrubbing and steam cleaning.

We then scrapped all the loose grout lines and replace it with new grout.

After the grout was dried and cured, we applied a generous amount of grout sealer.

The final step was to apply mildew resistant caulking to all of the seams where the shower floor meets the walls and vertical wall joints.

This image shows years of shower tile soiling.

The grout is deeply stained and can not be cleaned.

Scrapping and deep cleaning of shower tile

Removed and replaced all grout

If you have a custom tiled shower in need of professional help, give us a call.


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