Cracked Marble Vanitytop Repair

We specialize in repairing cracks and or chips on marble tile, marble vanitytops, marble fireplace or broken marble tiles in showers.

Since 2001, we have been serving clients in Massachusetts and Rhode Island with professional and reliable repairs of broken or damaged marble surfaces.

Our goal is to earn the appreciation of or clients by helping them preserve their precious marble pieces by expertly repairing to like new and avoiding costly or painful replacement.

The following project was a unique marble vanitytop repair project in Taunton, MA from a kitchen and bath retailer.  A laminated marble top at some point was compromised and it easily broke right where the laminates and the veinings made their mark across the corner of the piece.

This made the repair that much easier since we were able to mix just the right amount of coloring to match the existing veining.  The additional benefit of making a beautiful and seamless repair is that that corner is not a weak area anymore.  The stone epoxy glue used actually made the marble piece much stronger.

To further blend in and disguise the repair, we sand the area with stone sanding paper and polish it with marble polishing powder to return it to a like-new piece again.

Broken Marble Top Before

Repaired Marble Top 

If you have a unique piece of marble, bathroom vanitytop, kitchen marble counter, floor tiles or marble fireplace in need of repairs, give us a call. Our marble repair work is 100% guaranteed.

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