Professional Polishing of Marble Kitchen Countertops in MA and RI

Use of marble in bathrooms has become more and more of a trend.  Long are the days when you would only find marble in the very high-end homes, hotels and or commercial buildings.

With the new technology in cutting and shaping and the availability of all sorts of natural stone, marble has become for affordable and readily available to anyone wishing to add more sophistication and elegance to their kitchens, bathroom floors, showers or vanity tops without breaking the bank.

With its vast array of colors and its ability to be shaped and produced in various textures, marble is a very plausible option for any bathroom decor or application.

There are several characteristics of marble that one has to consider when selecting marble for their construction or remodeling projects.

Marble is Soft – When compared to other stones such as granite, marble can be soft as wood.  If you are not careful, marble can be scratched with any items being rubbed or dragged on it.

Marble is very porous – This means that it can be stained quite easily with any liquid spill.

Marble is a calcite – This makes it very sensitive to any type of acidic products.  When acid becomes in contact with the calcium in marble it causes it to react and the end result is marble damaged called etching.  Caution must be taken when using general purpose cleaners to clean the marble countertops since some of these cleaners are low pH.

If you have a marble countertop that has lost its luster and is covered with dulled spots and scratches, it is wise to call an experienced marble countertop polishing professional who has the right know-how and tools to do the job right.

Specialized Floor Care Services has been polishing marble countertops for over 13 years, we use time-proven methods along with specialized tools and supplies to restored any dulled and worn marble countertop or vanity top to its original glory.

Take a look at the following video as a demonstration of our marble countertop polishing and restoration capabilities.

What Our Clients Say

Our clients love that we are experienced in effectively diagnosing their concerns and providing cost-effective solutions.

Repair of Tiled Shower Floor Repair, Grafton, MA

I looked to find a contractor to fix an issue with my tiled shower. After checking with several companies, I felt most at ease with Willy at Specialized Floor Care Services due to his professionalism, his expert knowledge of probable causes, his specialty of working with tiled shower repairs, and all the positive BBB reviews.

Restoration of Marble Floor in Quincy, MA

I recently hired Mr. Willy De Castro, the owner of Specialized Floor Care Services, Taunton, MA to clean and restore a marble bathroom countertop and marble floor. He did an outstanding job. The countertop and floor look brand new. I also had a large tile floor cleaned where the grout had been stained. He also did an

Limestone Floor Repair in Cape Cod

Hello, Willy I want to express my appreciation for your restoration work in our bathroom, removing the acid (CLR!) etching from the limestone floor and counter and the stain as well. I am so pleased with the outcome and would happily recommend

Tile Repair and Installation, Rhode Island

This document serves as a testament to the services as well as the materials used by the company Specialized Floor Care Services Co. The services performed, were not only professionally performed, but they were accomplished within a timeline established and in a fashion acceptable to the

Repair of Leaking Shower Floor in Franklin, MA

After moving recently into our new house, our upstairs shower began leaking into our kitchen. My husband did some extensive research and came across many positive reviews online for Specialized Floor Care Services. Willy came out to diagnose the problem and gave us a very reasonable quote for the work that had

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