Marble Cleaning, Polishing, Repair and Restoration Services in MA and RI

Specialized Floor Care Services of Taunton, MA, specializes in marble cleaning, sealing, repair, restoration and refinishing of marble surfaces in residential and commercial settings.

For centuries, marble has been a very popular material for floors, walls, counters, fireplace, statues, steps as well as exterior decor and walkways.

Marble is a very durable and exquisite stone that can be found in various colors combined with interesting veining that give it that special characteristic and therefore, today is even more of a favorite rock for countertops, floors, shower and bathroom tiling, fireplaces and walls to be found in residential and commercial properties.

With time and usage, marble can become dull and soiled. Special care must be taken and exercised when selecting marble for your next project and when caring and maintaining it.

Specialized Floor Care Services is dedicated to providing property owners with professional marble care, marble cleaning, marble repair, marble polishing, marble restoration, and installation services.

With over 12 years of experience in restoring countless marble floors, marble showers, countertops, marble walls, fireplaces, and statutes, we feel very confident to provide a 100% guarantee to our customer;  this means that if we do not meet your expectations, we will not stop until you are satisfied!

Our Menu of Marble Services Include:

Marble Cleaning

When marble countertops or marble floors become soiled they can be very difficult to clean with traditional cleaning methods or cleaning products. Caution must be taken when selecting cleaning products for any type of marble surface since using the wrong marble cleaning product can cause severe damage. Specialized Floor Care Services uses the right stone cleaning products to safely clean and brighten any type of marble.

for more information on how we clean marble, visit our Marble Cleaning page.

Marble Polishing

Is required when a marble floor or marble countertop has lost its luster due to traffic or using wrong marble cleaning products. In order to polish a marble surface, it has to b sanded with diamond abrasives. Depending on the level of damage or wear, there are several processes that can be used to fully restore the original polish of marble

Grinding, honing and polishing – is a process used to restore marble surfaces when they become severely damaged with everyday traffic or acid damage from wrong cleaning products or accidental spills. Normally a marble floor has to go through this process when it is being restored for the first time. The advantage is to remove the lippage (when some tiles are higher than the others) and make the floor flat. This process involves grading the marble floor with metal diamond abrasives, then following with resined diamonds and final polish. This process requires experience and special equipment and should be done by an experienced natural stone restoration professional.

Honing and Polishing – Honing and polishing is a process used to restore marble surfaces when there is very little or light damage such a dullness from traffic or everyday use. The process starts with honing the marble surface with resined diamond abrasives and final polish.

Final Marble Polishing – Is used to maintain the deep shine of marble surfaces and it is a maintenance process.
To learn more about how marble is polished visit our Marble Polishing Service page.

Sealing Marble

Marble should be sealed after installation or professional cleaning and restoration. Since marble is very porous, it should be sealed with a marble penetrating sealer.

Marble Shower Cleaning

Keeping a shower clean is a challenge of its own, but when you have a marble shower, then it is a bigger challenge. Marble is very sensitive to most body soaps and shampoos and since most shower cleaning products are not safe on marble, soap and body oils and or soiling can build up. Soap scum buildup on the walls can be very difficult to clean. Our team of marble cleaning specialist has the experience and equipment to properly and safely do the job right.

Marble Installation

Whether you are updating your home or building a new one, you may be considering incorporating marble in your decor. Marble is a very versatile natural stone material that can be used in your bathroom, kitchen, floors or any other place. Installing marble tiles can be very expensive and if not done right it can be a big loss.

If your marble floors, countertops, shower, walls or fireplace are in need of cleaning, repair, restoration or polishing, give us a call. We usetime-provenn methods along with the right cleaning products and equipment to safely and effectively return your marble surfaces to their original glory.

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