Professional Limestone Cleaning, Sealing, Resurfacing, Repair, and Installation in MA and RI

Specialized Floor Care Services is a leading provider of limestone cleaning, sealing, repair, resurfacing and installation company serving the Rhode Island and Massachusetts commercial and residential sectors.

We use safe and effective trade specific cleaning products to tackle the dirtiest limestone floors, kitchen countertops, limestone showers or limestone fireplaces.

Our technicians have received professional training and carry over 13 years of experience in resurfacing and installing lime stone tiles on floors, walls or shower.

If you limestone floor or shower is looking dingy and you have tried to clean it without success, give us a call. Our work is 100% guaranteed. Our menu of limestone services include:

Limestone Cleaning

We use time-proven methods along with trade-specific limestone cleaning products and latest sophisticated equipment to effectively and safely clean limestone flooring, limestone countertops or limestone fireplace in your home or building.

Limestone Sealing

After a thorough cleaning of the limestone surface, we recommend using a professional limestone sealer to properly seal the limestone floor tiles or countertops. These sealers are trade specific and are designed to penetrate the stone surface and closing the open pores in the stone. Proper application and post cleaning of these sealers is very important since if not done properly, it can create a severe unpleasant streak marks on the limestone surface.

Specialized Floor Care Services has the experience and know how to properly and effectively apply these sealers and provide our clients with a finished product that will last for many years.

Limestone Resurfacing

Limestone is a very soft natural stone that can become worn and dull over time with everyday traffic. Some of this wear can be severe with deep scratches and or cracked limestone tiles.

To restore the original look of your limestone floor, we use a method of sanding the limestone with diamond abrasives to flatten the floor, then continue sanding with finer and grits until we obtain a smooth restored limestone surface. This process is clean and dustless and 100% guaranteed.

Limestone Installation

We have received extensive training in the proper installation of natural stone tile and countertops.

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