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Dulled, Scratched, and Uninviting Marble Floors?  We can help!

With over 17 years of experience in the complete restoration of marble floors,

Specialized Floor Care Services can refinish your worn marble floors to their original glory, guaranteed!

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Full-Service Residential & Commercial Marble Polishing

Marble is a very soft stone that is prone to scratching very easily.  It is also sensitive to acidic products such as vinegar, soda, wine, general cleaning products, and many other common household products.

When a marble floor becomes dull and scratched, it can be repaired by sanding the marble floor with diamond abrasives.  An experienced marble floor contractor can restore the marble floor polish back to its original glory.

Marble floors will become etched when an acidic product is used to clean it or a spill has occurred.  Etching is a result of the acidic product reacting with the calcium in the marble causing odd shape dull stains.  This type of damaged can be repaired by an experienced marble polishing company.

For over 17 years, Specialized Floor Care Services has been helping the residential and commercial sectors with professional and reliable marble floor cleaning, sealing, repair, polishing, refinishing and restoration.

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this means that if we can not restore your marble floors, you owe us nothing!

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Our Marble Polishing Services


Marble Floor Polish

  • Remove deep scratches
  • Level the floor
  • Finish the marble floor to hone or deep shine

How it Works

  • Grind the marble floor to remove deep scratches and level floor
  • Hone the marble flooring with diamond abrasives
  • Finish the polishing the marble floor with fine diamond abrasives

Complete Service

  • Application of penetrating sealer – recommended
  • Provide instructions on proper care and maintenance
  • Always available to answer any questions

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

Since 2001, we have been helping clients in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire save time and money by restoring their marble floors compared to ripping out and replace.

Our clients have trusted us to provide an honest evaluation and solution to their damaged marble floors.

Reliable & Fully Insured

You can rely on us to expertly refinish your marble floors to their original beauty and elegance.  We use time-proven methods along with state of the art equipment to provide you to reliably repolish your worn and damaged marble flooring.

Ongoing Support

Our clients are provided with instructions on proper care and maintenance of their marble surfaces.  We make ourselves available to answer any questions that you may have during and after the polishing process. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  With over 17 years of experience, we know the kinds of results we can promise and therefore, feel confident in our work.

Happy Customers

Limestone Floor Repair

“Hello, Willy
I want to express my appreciation for your restoration work in our bathroom, removing the acid (CLR!) etching from the limestone floor and counter and the stain as well.

I am so pleased with the outcome and would happily recommend you to anyone who needs their stonework repaired and maintained.

I look forward to seeing you in the future”

Ms. Wayland

Marble Floor

“I recently hired Mr. Willy De Castro, the owner of Specialized Floor Care Services, Taunton, MA to clean and restore a marble bathroom countertop and marble floor.

He did an outstanding job. The countertop and floor look brand new. I also had a large tile floor cleaned where the grout had been stained. He also did an outstanding job cleaning this floor.

Willy is very professional and takes pride in his work. I highly recommend him and his company for any floor cleaning services.”

Ms. McCarthy

Other Services

Limestone Floor Cleaning

Cleaning and polishing of limestone floors

Granite Floor Cleaning

Cleaning, sealing, repair of granite floors

Travertine Floor Polishing

Cleaning, sealing, repair, polishing, and restoring Travertine floors

Marble Countertop Polishing

Polishing and refinishing of kitchen and bathroom marble countertops

Granite Countertop Repair

Repair of broken or damaged granite countertop seams.  Granite chip repairs.

Granite Counter Cleaning

Exclusive granite countertop tune-up service.  Clean, strip and seal kitchen granite countertops.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning of tile and grout in kitchen, bathroom or shower floor and walls.

Tile Floor Installations

Installation of natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tile

Shower Cleaning and Repair

Cleaning of shower tile and grout.  Repair of broken damage tile and grout in the shower.

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