Shower Floor Leaking?

Don’t Delay, Call Us Now!

Shower Floor Leaking?
Don’t Delay, Call Us Now!

Leaks In Shower Floors

Causes Of Leaks In Shower Floors.

Showers are very complex systems.  There are several areas prone to leaking if the shower is not properly built.

Clogged Drain System

The shower drain system is responsible for keeping the water draining and also it is responsible for allowing water collected in the pan weep via the weep holes.

Poorly Constructed Pan

There are several types of materials used for constructing a shower pan.  Most leaks are caused by faulty shower pan or how it was installed.

Poor Construction of Dam

The shower  door dam is designed to keep water from flowing into the rest of the bathroom.  Proper waterproofing is a must to keep water from penetrating the corners

Wall Seams

Prior to tiling the walls, the seams where the walls meet should be lined with a waterproofing material.  Over time, with wall movement and structure settling, those seams do separate.

Why Call Us?

We have received specialized training and certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (iicrc) in care and maintenance of floor systems, tile and grout cleaning, and repair.

We are one of the few companies that have attended specialized training in the proper construction of Custom Tiled Shower Systems.

With over 10 years experience, cleaning, sealing, repairing and construction of custom tile shower system, we are confident in properly accessing your shower problems and properly repair or remodel existing shower.

Sample of a Shower Leak Repair.


Shower Floor Leak Repairs.

Our Approach To Professional Shower Leak Repairs Start With Initial Cussultation and Evaluation

Visual Inspection

Look for common causes of shower floor leaks.

Test Floor Pan

Shower floor leak test to confirm damaged shower floor pan damage.

Provide Test Results

Provide client with options to make repairs.

Remove Existing Floor

Demolition of existing shower floor system


Rebuild new shower floor floor with state of the art waterproofing system.

Care And Maintenace

Provide the client with care instructions.

Call Us Now For An In-house Evaluation

Shower Leaks

Samples of Repaired Leaking Shower Floor.

Marble Shower Leak

Copper Pan Shower Base

Demolition of Shower Floor

Removal of Floor Tile and Mud Base

Completed Repairs

New Waterproof Shower Base

Soiled Shower Grout

Tile and Grout in Shower Dirty

Soiled Shower Tile

Damaged Tile and Grout

Clean and Repair

Repaired and Cleaned Tile

Call Us Now For An In-house Evaluation!

What Some Of Our Clients Say About Our Shower Leak Repair Services

Shower Repair Grafton, MA.

Willy did an outstanding job identifying the shower drain weep hole being clogged, fixing the shower drain and replacing the caulk with epoxy grout.

Shower Floor Leak Repair, Franklin, MA.

Willy replaced our shower pan and re-tiled our shower floor. The work came out beautiful! Willy was so great to work with

Tile Repair and Restoration, RI

I recommend the services provided by Specialized Floor Care Services Co., to anyone seeking a professional clean, polished + tile installation + grouting to anyone seeking top quality workmanship.

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