Marble Cleaning, How Hard Can it Be?

Cleaning and keeping your marble surfaces clean can be very simple once you have the right understanding and know-how.

Before we get into hot to clean your marble, we should first give you some general information on what is marble and where it comes from.  Marble is a natural stone created by thousands of years of heat and pressure.  It starts as a limestone along with other minerals such as clay, sand, iron and other impurities.  These minerals together are caused to recrystallize into carbonate crystals which give the rock it’s distinctive colors and veining.

The three main must know characteristics of marble are:

  1. Marble is Soft – It is a very soft stone, it can scratch very easily and become dull fairly quick with everyday traffic.
  2. Marble is Sensitive – Marble is made up of mostly calcium and sensitive to acidic products.  Acid damage on marble is called etching.  It is very evident in polished marble.  Etching is described as a dull light gray spot on marble.  It cannot be cleaning with any cleaning products; it has to be repaired or restored by a professional stone restoration company.
  3. Marble is Porous – Although that marble is a rock, it is very porous.  It can become stained with any type of liquid containing a dye or coloring.  To prevent organic or oil based staining, all marble surfaces should be sealed with a professional penetrating sealer.

Now that we have this understanding about marble, let us get into the cleaning of it. Since marble is very sensitive to acidic products, we have to be careful with the types of cleaning products we use on it.  Most cleaning products have some kind of acidic properties to them, especially those containing citrus.  For properly cleaning marble, we need to use a neutral none rinsing product.

Steps for Cleaning Marble Floors

Vacuum floors to remove sand and large debris.  This step is very important in helping maintain marble floor scratch free.  Sand is one of the biggest enemies of marble floors.  Ensure to use a vacuum with a soft hard surface wand. Use a non-rinsing neutral cleaner as per manufacturer instructions.  Using a non-rinse cleaner helps reduce the soap build up keeping the floors looking cleaning for a long time.  We recommend mixing the cleaning product in a clean bucket.  Use a clean cotton towel and a t-bar mopping device.  Dampen the towel in the cleaning solution and ring most of the cleaning solution and wipe floors with it, then let dry.

Steps for Cleaning Marble Showers

The steps for properly cleaning marble showers include using a neutral marble cleaner as per manufacturer instructions. Mix the cleaning solution and fill a spray bottle and apply evenly to marble tiles in the shower. With a soft white pad or cotton towel, wipe tile clean. For better results in keeping marble showers clean, use a squeegee after showering on all walls and glass. Run exhaust for at least 20 minutes after showering to help remove excess moisture.  Seal shower at least once per year and caulk all seams with mildew resistant caulking.

Cleaning Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are easy to clean.  Use a neutral marble cleaning product according as described above using a cotton towel to wipe the marble surface with the cleaning product. To keep your counters looking their best for a long time ensure that your counters are properly sealed.  Use protectors under heavy appliances or decorations and be careful with any liquids containing acid.

If your marble floor, shower or marble countertop has become damaged with acid or stained with organic or oil-based stains and your need professional help. Feel comfortable calling us for advice or for restoration at 508-880-6001.

For over 11 years, Specialized Floor Care Services has been providing homeowners and commercial property owners with reliable and professional marble cleaning, repair, restoration and polishing services in the local Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas.

For more detail information on cleaning marble visit our WikiHow article on How to Clean Marble.

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