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dirty shower floor leak repair in MA

Damage Shower Floor

Shower Cleaning and Repairs of Leaks in Shower Pan Services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Causes of leaks in showers

  • Loose, broken grout lines and wall tiles – This situation allows water to leak behind shower walls and under shower floor, causing water damage to bathroom floors.
  • Separation of shower wall and shower floor seams – Large gaps around shower floor and at corner of shower walls is second cause for water leaks in showers.
  • Clogged Shower Drain System – Once water makes its way into the wall and down the shower pan and shower liner, it should be able to exit via the weep holes in the shower drain system. Many times the weep holes are clogged, keeping water in the pan.

Specialized Floor Care Services Leaky Shower Solution

  • Clean shower to remove soap buildup and other soilingRepair damaged or loose shower grout
  • Remove and replace old damage caulk
  • Remove and replace loose or broken tiles in shower wall or shower floor.
  • Regrout entire shower if needed.
  • Repair clogged shower drain system.
  • Seal stone, tile and grout in shower walls and shower floor.
  • Caulk all seams with water and mildew proof caulking.

Marble Limestone Travertine Granite Showers

Marble, limestone or travertine shower walls can loose their polish due to hard water and low ph soaps and shampoos as well as wrong marble cleaning products.

Specialized Floor Care Services, restores stone showers by grinding, honing and polishing the marble, granite, or travertine to its original intended look.

Shower Pan Construction

Tiled shower floors have four major components that need to be addressed during installation.

1. Pre-sloped floor – Floor has to have the correct slope before the shower liner.

2. Correct floor drain and weep holes – The drain system is one for mud base beds.

3. Shower pan liner – Shower pan liner has to be of approved material for water proofing the shower floor.

4. Final shower floor material – Final shower floor material is usually is porcelain or ceramic tile or natural stone tiles.

Specialized Floor Care Services, installs and restores tiled shower floors using standards set fourth by the Tile Council of North America.

Dull or damaged marble tile in shower can be naturally restored using a series of diamond abrasives.

Tiled showers should be sealed with penetrating sealer to prevent transmission of water behind the shower walls.

All seams and joining walls in tiled showers should be caulked with water proof caulking

Take care of those shower leaks and leaky shower pan by calling Specialized Floor Care Services Co., for and in-house evaluation.


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