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Marble Shower Polishing

Technician polishing marble shower

Polishing a Marble Shower

Professional Polishing of Marble Showers in MA and RI

Specialized Floor Care Services also cleans and polishes marble showers.  We are a full service marble cleaning, sealing, repair, restoration and polishing company.  With over 13 years in business, we have developed a safe and effective way to remove soap and scum buildup on marble walls,  polish marble tiles in the shower and restore them to their original look.

Marble is a natural stone that adds value and elegance to a home when used in showers and bathrooms.  But using marble as building material requires caution and know how in order to maintain it looking its best.

If you have marble in the shower or planning on using marble, there are two major characteristics to be aware off.

  1. It is sensitive to acid – Because marble is a calcite it can become damaged with any type of products that contains acid (low pH) such body soaps, shampoos or shower cleaning products.   Over time, with the extensive use of soaps, the marble tiles will become dull and very difficult to clean.
  2. Marble is very porous – Although marble is a natural stone, it is not as dense as some other building materials and will absorb lots of water or humidity.  This is why we recommend to have the marble sealed often.

The good news is that when the marble in the shower becomes damaged, it can polished.  Polishing marble showers the right way requires skill, patience and experience which Specialized Floor Care Service has.

If your marble shower needs polishing, it is possible that your marble vanity top also needs polishing. Visit our page to know more marble vanity top polishing

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