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Marble Vanity Top Polishing

Restoration and polishing a damaged marble vanity top

Marble Vanity Top Polishing

Professional Polishing of Bathroom Marble Vanity Tops in MA RI

Specialized Floor Care Services is a  full service natural stone cleaning and restoration company.  One of our specialties is the cleaning, sealing, repair, restoration and marble vanity top polishing.  We have been servicing the residential and commercial areas of Massachusetts and Rhode Island since 2001 with professional and reliable marble vanity top polishing service.

Marble is in!  It is such a beautiful and versatile stone suitable for just about any place in the home or commercial Building.  One common place to find marble in a residential setting is on the bathroom vanities.  The vast selection of colors combined with the intricate and elegant veining patters, marble a must have choice for bathrooms.

Unfortunately, marble is a very soft stone and can scratch very easy.  Care must be exercised when placing heavy objects on top of the marble, there is a good change it will scratch if the item is dragged across it.  To prevent scratching, we recommend the use of felt on the bottom of such objects.

Additionally, marble is very sensitive to acidic products and can become etched when it comes in contact with it.  One such acidic product is tooth paste.  The over spray of tooth paste will damage the marble vanity top if not cleaned right away.

Over time, with all this acid damage and scratches, a marble vanity top can look dirty and uninviting requiring polishing from an experienced marble polishing company.

Give Specialized Floor Care Services a call for an in-house consultation.  Our marble vanity top polishing process fully restores the original beauty and elegance of your marble vanity top.

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