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Marble Polishing Service MA and RI

Professional Marble Polishing Service in Local Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Specialized Floor Care Services Co., provides marble floor polishing, marble countertop polishing, marble vanity top polishing and polishing marble shower services to the commercial and residential markets in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Professional marble floor polishing ma and ri

Marble Floor Polishing

Marble Floor Polishing

Marble lands itself as a versatile and sophisticated material for residential or commercial flooring.  Incorporating marble in your new floor installation, gives your project an elegant look that automatically adds value and comfort.

One of the inherent drawbacks of marble is that it is very soft and it scratches very easy.  Marble is a calcite rock making it very sensitive to acidic liquids.  In kitchen and bathroom floors, marble will scratch and become damaged with acid spots called etching.

If your marble floors have lost their polish and are looking dull or have minor scratching, give Specialized Floor Care Services a call.  We use state of the art equipment and time proven methods to properly polish marble floors and restore their original look and luster.

Polishing marble countertop in ma and ri

Marble Countertop Polishing

Marble CounterTop Polishing

Marble is also an acceptable material and in many areas the preferred material for countertops.  Older kitchen marble counter tops loose their shine to the build up of soaps, sealers and oily substances that accumulate on the surface of the granite.  Marble is very soft and sensitive to acidic products and can become damaged fairly easy in the kitchen.  Specialized Floor Care Services Co., has developed a safe and effective method for stripping, cleaning and buffing marble counter surfaces to their original look.  We finish the stone counter top with a coat of sealer for added protection.  In addition, we can repair small chips and remove stains from granite, marble, limestone or travertine countertops.

how to clean marble vanity top

Marble Vanity Top

Marble Vanity Top Polishing

In the bathroom one can find marble and other natural stone being used as vanity top material.  Marble is a soft natural stone and can become scratched very easy.  Specialized Floor Care Services Co., provides marble vanity top polishing service as well as complete restoration and or replacement severely damaged marble vanity tops when needed. Additionally, we recommend that the stone surface receive a generous coating of stone penetrating sealer.

natural stone shower cleaning and repair

Marble Shower

Marble Shower Polishing

Marble showers become dull and uninviting after several years of use.  Soaps and scum can buildup on the marble tiles, making it very difficult to clean and maintain looking good.

The use of improper marble cleaners and lack of knowledge on how to clean marble showers, can add to degradation of the marble tiles in the shower.

When a marble shower has become severely damaged by acidic cleaner, low pH soaps or shampoos and therefore lost its luster, it may be necessary  hire a marble polishing company.

We have the experience and know-how to professional polish your marble shower to its original glory.


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