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Cleaning Marble Floors

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cleaning of marble floors

Cleaned Marble Floor

Marble is a very beautiful and elegant flooring material that lands itself to be used in just about any place in a home or commercial buildings.  But due to its physical properties, special attention and know how is required when starting a marble cleaning program.

Before we start or attempt to clean any marble surface, we should understand what is marble.  Then, understand what products to use, what tools, and what procedures.

What is marble – Marble is a metamorphic rock that has taken millions of years to form.  It has been transformed from a sedimentary rock like limestone to marble through a process of high heat and pressure.  This process has crystallized the calcium minerals  along with other minerals given them that transparent and translucent property with the ability to take on a deep gloss polish.  Due to its large composition of calcium, marble is very sensitive to acidic products.

What marble cleaning products to use – Understanding which products to use is very critical.  As mentioned above, marble is very sensitive to acidic products and become damaged with etching or loose its deep polish over time giving the marble surface a foggy look.  There are many products available on the market promising to provide a safe and long lasting cleaned marble results.  There are two major concerns we have to address when selecting a product to clean marble floors.  One concern is its pH.  Due to its sensitivity, we must select a marble floor cleaning product with a pH of 7 or pH balanced.   When selecting a marble cleaning product,  Using general purposed cleaners can and potentially dull any marble floor over time and using plain water is safe but, at some point we must disinfect the marble floor.  The other concern is selecting a product that is non-rinsing.  Selecting a cleaning products that is heavy on soaps and other chemicals, can leave a residue every time you clean and over time build up causing the floor to look hazy or milky.

What tools to use – Keeping your marble floors cleaned is a fairly simple process once you have and understanding on it and which marble cleaning products to use and also which tools. For proper marble floor cleaning, a vacuum with a soft brush wand and a microfiber mop is a must.

The process – Before we use any type of marble cleaning products, we have to remove any large debris and sand.  It is recommended to use a floor vacuum equipped with a soft hard surface wand or floor brush to prevent scratching the marble floor.  Once the vacuuming is done, cleaning the marble floor can be done using the right cleaning product and mixed according to the instructions on the label.  One recommended method is to mix the marble cleaning solution in a clean bucket and wetting a microfiber pad attached to mop tool, wipe floor clean.  Do not use too much water or leave water puddles or pooling on tile or grout lines, this may stain marble tile or grout lines over time.  We also recommend to follow the damp mop wiping  with a  dry towel wiping to remove any damp spots and haze from the cleaner.

If you do not have time, patience or resources to properly perform this task, give us a call, we cover local areas of Central and Eastern Massachusetts to include Rhode Island.  We guarantee our work 100%.

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