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Cleaning Marble Showers

Professional Marble Shower Cleaning Service in MA and RI

Cleaning, sealing, repair marble shwoer

Marble Shower

Specialized Floor Care Services Company, specializes in properly and safely cleaning marble showers.  With over 13 years in cleaning, sealing, repairing, polishing and remodeling marble showers, we  have discovered and developed a unique process to safely and effectively cleaning your most priced marble showers.

Ahh!! There is nothing like walking into a  beautiful clean marble shower at the of the day to wash away the worries of the day or early in the morning to welcome a new day.  Love it!!

Using marble as a building material turns your shower into a place of beauty and elegance, but using marble in the shower has its drawbacks.

Marble is a natural stone that has a very high percentage of calcium.  This calcium mineral is what gives the stone its deep polish look when it is polished at the quarries.  The calcium in the stone is sensitive to acidic products therefore, finding the right marble shower cleaning product for daily cleaning or deep cleaning marble tiles in the shower can be very difficult.

Using soaps and shampoos in the shower can cause heavy buildup of scum and soaps, removing this build up can be a challenge.  Marble is also very porous and can be a safe haven for mold or mildew spores to germinate and thrive giving your marble surface a soiled and dingy look.

If your marble shower has gotten to the point of no return or if you do not feel confident cleaning marble showers, give Specialized Floor Care Services a call.  We use trade specific and safe marble shower cleaning products along with the right tools and know how to safely and effectively clean your marble shower.

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