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Granite Cleaning

We are a local natural stone service company with extensive know how and experience in cleaning granite floors, granite countertops, walls or granite bathrooms.  We service the areas of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

One popular question we receive is How do we clean our granite? And when we ask clients what are they using, some granite owners admit that they only use water to clean their granite in fear of damaging it.

A good understanding of what is granite will help in know and feeling more comfortable in cleaning it.

Granite is one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals found in abundance in the earth.  Granite gets its name “granite” from the Latin word granum;  referring to grains.  Some granites have very small mineral grains or rocks and some have very large intrusive rocks.  Granite consists mostly of quartz and feldspar.  Quartz is what gives granite the ability to take on such a beautiful deep polish and feldpar is what give granite is unique hardness.   These grains become tightly compacted and heated at very high temperatures and then cooled very slowly creating what we call granite.


With this in mind, we can conclude that granite can be cleaned with just about any type of house cleaner.  Before the granite is ready for production into countertops or flooring material, it has to be enhanced with epoxies to fill the small fissures or natural imperfections.  Along with this process, some granites may have to receive some dying to enhance the color and then into final polishing.

It is these enhancements that we have to worry about when using different cleaning products.  For example, if we use a harsh acid based bathroom tile cleaner on granite, it can compromise the resin applied to the granite turning it into a milky flat stain.

Call us today for an in home consultation.  Specialized Care Services uses safe and effective granite cleaning products properly clean your granite floors or countertops.  Our work is guaranteed.



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