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Professional Granite Services in MA and RI

Kitchen Granite Countertop and floor cleaning, sealing and repair

Granite Kitchen Countertop

Specialized Floor Care Services specializes in cleaning, sealing, repairing and installing granite countertops, floors or showers.

For over 13 years, we have been working in the local Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas serving the residential and commercial sectors with professional and reliable granite cleaning, repairing of granite kitchen countertops, broken granite tile floor;  sealing granite floors or counters.

Through the years and countless repairs, cleaning and sealing, we have developed a very specific and unique granite service – Granite Countertop Tuneup

Granite Countertop Tuneup

When you countertop is first installed, it looks beautiful and elegant.  But after a few years of use, cooking and everyday cleaning with different cleaning products, a layer of oils or soaps builds up on the surface making the surface difficult to clean and keep looking pristine.  Our granite countertop tuneup service is a result of many years of cleaning, sealing and repairing granite tops. It is process we use to strip all soaps, oils and old sealers off the granite, clean and reseal it to restore its original shine and luster.

Granite Cleaning

Cleaning granite is restively easy when you know what to do and which products to use.  Specialized Floor Care Services is a full service granite cleaning company.  Use use safe and time proven methods to clean any granite floor, granite countertop or any other type of granite surface.  Our work is 100% guaranteed.

 Granite Sealing

We get many calls asking if granite needs to be sealed.  Yes, every natural stone should be sealed. The question should be; which sealer should I use for my granite?  Some granites are very porous and some are very dense and only certain types of sealers can be used.  If you are planning on sealing your granite top or floor you must use extreme caution and read the manufacture’s label for preparation and application to prevent costly repairs.  It is best to see the help of a well trained and experience sealer applicator contractor to do this task for you.  We have a full understanding of the different types of granite and sealers that should be used along with proper application and finishing procedures.

Granite Repair

Although granite is a very hard natural stone, it does break and or chips.  We can repair just about any type of chip on granite or broken granite tile.

Seams on granite countertops ofter become loose and break off leaving open seams.  Our seam repair process involves the removal of all remaining seam epoxy, cleaning of the seam area and replace with new stone epoxy.

Granite Installation

If you are starting a new kitchen remodeling project and new new granite countertops or new granite flooring, give us a call.  We are one of the few granite contractors that has received professional training in granite tile floor installations and have build a long and strong relationship with granite fabricators who we trust for their honesty, professionalism and workmanship.

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